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New Rules for Resistance: An Acceptable User’s Guide

June 7, 2016
I wrote this shortly following the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

They ask us to prove it. They ask us time and time again to show them receipts for our suffering. When we do, they tell us it’s an illusion; they act like the credits will roll at the end of the videos so they can consume it the way they do with the parts of our culture that’s palatable to them. So, repeat after me:

Our death is palatable. Our resistance against it is not.
Our death is palatable. Our resistance against it is not.

This is our reality, so it’s best to just stay quiet; they like it when we’re quiet.

The problem – they say –  is never as big as we make it out to be, and we should just be happy where we are. Don’t disturb the progress that has been made. Always fight in a manner that will be acceptable to the people and institutions you are fighting against.

Radical change has never come from being rude.

Speak well.
Make a good impression.

Endure the pain, it’s good for you; this is how you build resistance. This is how you they get stronger.

Photo: Altervista, Blavity

Photo: Altervista, Blavity

They will dig into your past, so do everything you can to be a model citizen. Start young. Never make mistakes. Never misstep. It’s a matter of life and death.

Your life. Your death.
Your family’s’ life. Your family’s’ death.

Any misstep will affect the amount of justice you may or may not receive once they kill you. Do not risk taking risks in order to live a full life. It will not happen.

Work with the media when they ask you to comment. Always say thank you for being given the opportunity to speak about your fight; they need to show both sides so as to appear to be unbiased. You will be invited to play the villain; ungrateful and uninformed as you are. Say what you need to say, but remember they know better. Take it in. Move on.

They will start in on the questions; the comments:

“But they were being too loud.” Say sorry, and explain profusely that “we’re not all like that.”

“Why would they resist?” Repeat previous step.

Are you feeling tired? Is that feeling in the pit of your stomach getting unbearable? Good, just resist. Resist.

This is how you build resistance.



I know this shit is bleak, but this week has taken a lot out of me.

Please take care of yourselves.

– Brnesh

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